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Our team is driven by a common purpose.

The transformation of our energy grid is key to helping create a more sustainable future for us all. While our business inherently supports environmental sustainability, we have a responsibility to be a conscientious member of our society. We take that responsibility seriously, ensuring our actions have a positive impact in the communities where we live, work, and do business.

Benefiting Our Environment, Our Partners, and Society as a Whole

Environmental Stewardship

Enabling a Path to Net-Zero

By integrating renewable energy systems into commercial and industrial buildings and infrastructure, Catalyze enables our partners to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and deliver a measurable, net-positive impact on the environment.

Strategic, Conscientious Development

As a company, we incorporate environmentally conscious decision-making and sustainable practices into every aspect of our business – from project siting and development decisions to supply chain and asset lifecycle management.

Social Responsibility

Energy Equality & Accessibility

At Catalyze, we believe that access to clean, affordable energy is a right, not a privilege. A number of our community solar projects provide clean affordable energy to low and moderate-income homes – making solar accessible to the greater population.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our dynamic and diverse workforce is committed to true collaboration and alignment. As a nationwide team, we value and embrace everyone’s backgrounds, skills, and expertise and treat each other with respect. Through our employee-led DEI Committee and professionally-led DEI educational training programs, Catalyze continually works to foster a workplace culture where all employees can thrive as their true authentic selves.


Accountability & Compliance

We are committed to doing business in a responsible manner and hold ourselves and others accountable to deliver solutions that are mindful of the social and environmental impacts of our operations. In adhering to our established company values, company policies, and code of conduct, we are committed to conducting business to the highest ethical standards and sustainable practices.

Sustainable Supply Chain

We view our supply chain partners as an extension of our own business, and therefore, expect all suppliers and subcontractors to adhere to the same level of integrity and ESG standards to which we hold our own operations accountable. Our governance systems ensure compliance with our standards and assist suppliers with their continuous improvement in sustainable procurement.

If we achieve our mission of accelerating the transition to renewable energy, while also staying true to our core values, we will have helped to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. And that is something everyone at Catalyze is proud to be a part of.

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